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Desk Appearance Tickets

Issued a Desk Appearance Ticket in NYC?

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Sometimes, when a person is arrested in New York on misdemeanor charges, they will be issued a desk appearance ticket (DAT) instructing them to appear in court on a specific date to respond to their charges. This method is used as a substitute for having a person wait in jail until their arraignment. While many police officers have been known to tell recipients of DATs that they do not need to retain legal assistance, being charged with any sort of crime is a serious matter that requires the trained eye of a seasoned legal professional. If you have been given a desk appearance ticket, a highly knowledgeable New York City criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser can defend your freedom and pursue a dismissal or reduction of your charges on your behalf.

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An Overview of DATs

In lieu of the traditional arrest process, an officer can issue a DAT for a wide variety of misdemeanor offenses, including possession of a controlled substance, shoplifting, assault, or public intoxication. In rare cases, certain felony E charges can be charged using a DAT. While a DAT may not seem serious on the surface due to the word “ticket,” it is still very much a verifiable arrest and will still subject a person to being processed through the same criminal justice system as a traditionally arrested individual.

If a person fails to attend the court date as indicated on their DAT, a warrant for their arrest will likely be issued. On this date, the accused person will face their charges before a judge and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. A judge will then set a formal trial date and determine whether or not bail is necessary. From this point on, the case will be indistinguishable from any other case in the system.

Since a person can potentially face harsh fines and possible jail time for a criminal conviction, it is imperative that DATs are not taken lightly and are handled with the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you have been charged with any sort of crime, our attorneys can evaluate your situation and determine the best strategy to maximize your chances of securing a desirable outcome.

Get an Former Prosecutor on Your Side

At the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser, we understand how the opposition works and can use this to our advantage. Having represented both sides of the criminal justice system, our New York City criminal defense lawyers can use our invaluable insight to dismantle the opposition’s case and improve your chances of securing the results you need. Unlike other firms who push “cookie cutter” solutions on their clients, we take the time to get to craft custom-tailored strategies for each individual case, allowing us to provide each client with the high-caliber advocacy they deserve. Your future is far too important to be left to chance – make sure your freedom is in good hands!

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