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False Coerced Confessions

Falsely Coerced Confessions in New York City

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It can be very upsetting and confusing to be in a room with law enforcement agents accusing you of a crime that you didn't commit. Regardless of your circumstances, being coerced into giving a false confession requires the immediate assistance of a skilled attorney.

At the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser, proving your innocence is our number one priority. We have the resources and experience necessary to evaluate every aspect of your case and determine the most effective plan of action to counteract your charges. We have helped thousands of clients achieve the verdict they deserve. Our New York City criminal defense lawyers are eager to come beside you to work toward a successful and favorable outcome.

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How does coercion impact false confessions?

Innocent people face serious consequences every day for crimes that they did not commit and much of this has to do with coercion. While it sounds like something out of the movies, law enforcement officials often use debilitating tactics to urge a confession and victims are left helpless and confused.

Some of the most common coercion tactics include:

  • Threats of harsher penalties
  • Extensive questioning
  • Purposely confusing the victim
  • Mental duress
  • Ignorance of the law

False confessions are defined as an admission of guilt for a crime that you were not responsible for. Under extreme duress, many individuals choose to admit false guilt in hopes that their innocence will eventually be proved. Unfortunately, without the right legal representation, innocence is often left unproven and those offering up false confessions spend years and even lifetimes in jail.

Take action with a New York City criminal defense lawyer!

The most important first step after a false confession is to be aware of your rights. Being kept in interrogation unnecessarily long, failing to be given legal counsel, or being purposely confused may all count as grounds for broken constitutional rights. You cannot afford to waste any time in securing a strong defense team.

Choosing proactivity starts today. Our firm is ready to go to work on your behalf and truly believes that we could be the advantage your case needs. Secure your consultation by calling our team! We accept cases in Scarsdale, Westchester, Bronx, and Manhattan.

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