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Federal Appeals

Federal Appeals Process in NYC

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If you are involved in a federal crime case and the courts do not rule in your favor, you have a right to file an appeal. Fortunately, the United States Government does provide for individuals who feel that their case ended in an unjust sentence. The United States Court of Appeals handles federal appellate cases.

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It is very important that you contact a federal appeal attorney soon after you received the unfavorable verdict. There is a statute of limitations on federal appeals. In some cases, you may have even signed a document waiving your right to appeal. Even if this is the case, you may still be able to receive the benefits of your right to appeal. A consultation with a lawyer at our law firm can give you an idea of the best course of action.

What are the steps I will need to take?

An appeal is generally heard by judges selected at random from available judges in that jurisdiction.

  1. You and your attorney will send a packet containing all the arguments of both sides of the original trial to the appeals court.
  2. You will also send a written argument stating your reasons for appealing the original judgment. These briefs are extremely important, because they present your appellate case to the judges.
  3. Your lawyer may also be permitted to speak to the judges on behalf of your appeal.

The New York City federal criminal defense lawyers at our firm are very experienced in appellate court procedure. It is in your best interests to choose an attorney who is intimately familiar with appeals and what they entail. Your legal rights are extremely important. The right attorney can often greatly enhance your chances of receiving a positive outcome when you appeal your federal court ruling.

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