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Internet Crimes

New York City Internet Crime Attorney

What constitutes an internet crime in NYC?

Internet Crime

Internet crime, which is also known as cyber-crime or computer crime, is becoming more common throughout the U.S., as the capabilities of technology continue to advance and privacy becomes a thing of the past. Personal information like bank account information, credit card information, and even one's social security information can now be found with the click of a mouse behind closed doors. For that reason, these crimes often go undetected from a great period of time. When most people think of internet crime, they often only consider identity theft and credit card fraud.

Criminal offenses that qualify as computer crimes include:

  • Unauthorized use of a computer
  • Computer tampering
  • Cyber-harassment
  • Accessing child pornography
  • Computer trespassing
  • Soliciting sexual acts of a minor
  • Internet gambling

Legal Penalties of Cyber-Crime

Any of these offenses may be defined as an internet crime, and many of them can carry very serious penalties—depending on the type and severity of the crime. For unlawful acts such as computer tampering in the first degree, a convicted individual will face the consequences of a Class C felony. As stated by New York Code §156.20, this type of felony offense is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. Even for lesser offenses like computer trespass, which is a Class E felony, a convicted individual may still face imprisonment of up to four years and a $5,000 fine. If you have been charged with an internet crime, it is imperative to act quickly in the interest of your defense.

Protecting Yourself against a Conviction

With the rise of internet crimes, many law enforcement agencies have created internet crime task forces to apprehend individuals with intent to commit sexual crimes with underage individuals or other types of sexual crimes perpetrated partially over the internet. The New York City criminal defense lawyers at our firm are very familiar with these types of cases and have the legal knowledge and experience that you need. If you have been charged with any type of internet crime, you will want the best possible protection.

The knowledgeable team of attorneys at our firm is well-versed in all related areas of the law, and can work to prevent you from facing maximum legal consequences. If you or a loved one has been charged with any internet crime, it is very important that you obtain the help of an attorney who understands how to defend all different types of internet crimes. You have legal rights that you need to be well aware of when you have been charged with a crime in the United States.

The NYC criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser can ensure that your legal rights are upheld throughout your legal process. Not only do our attorneys have over 6years combined legal experience, they also have successfully litigated many types of internet crime cases over their years in criminal defense. If you have been charged with an internet crime, it is vital that you contact our legal team now. We'll handle your case no matter where you're located in New York, including the areas of Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, and Scarsdale.

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