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Armed Robbery

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Are you facing criminal charges of armed robbery? Now is the time to talk to a criminal defense lawyer about your options and legal rights. It is possible to mount a successful defense against even the most serious of charges with the right approach, resources and experience.

It takes a competent lawyer to recognize opportunity in these matters and positively impact a defendant's case as a result. Our firm handles armed robbery charges for clients in Manhattan and throughout all of NYC. Get in touch with our legal team as soon as possible so we can begin investigating your case.

Armed robbery is a serious criminal offense that may be considered both a theft crime and a violent crime. Under Article 160.15 of New York Penal Code, Robbery in the first degree is the specific criminal charge that a defendant will face if accused of committing armed robbery, or forcible theft with the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon.

Robbery in the First Degree (Article 160.15)

Robbery in the first degree is specifically defined as forcibly stealing property, when the defendant commits any of the following during the commission of the crime or when fleeing the scene:

  • Is in possession of a deadly weapon;
  • Displays what appears to be a firearm;
  • Uses or threatens to use a dangerous instrument; or
  • Causes serious injury to another person (one who is not participating in the crime).

Armed robbery may be charged as a class B violent felony, an offense punishable by 5 to 25 years in prison. The specific sentence may vary depending on the particular circumstances of the offense, the jurisdiction and the defendant's criminal history, if any.

How could I be found guilty of armed robbery?

The prosecution has to prove a number of things to convict an accused individual of armed robbery. First, they must show that the defendant took personal property from someone, whether it was the victim's property or not. Next, the prosecution needs to prove that the property was taken in the presence of another person, such as forcing a clerk to open the cash register. The property also must have been taken away. Even if the accused individual merely exercised control over the property, they might be charged with carrying it away because there was the potential to do so.

In addition, the prosecution has to demonstrate that the defendant was intending to take the property away from the victim permanently and by violence or intimidation. Lastly, the prosecutor needs to show that defendant used or carried a dangerous weapon to be charged with an armed robbery. In order to make sure that you can't be proven guilty on any of these counts, hire a New York City criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser to ensure that you are properly represented.

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