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Gang Assault

Gang Assault Defense in NYC

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When a person is charged with "gang assault" in New York City, they may be wondering what types of charges they are up against and if this will result in serious consequences. As an experienced criminal defense law firm, the legal team at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser can assist you with over 60 years of collective experience.

Gang assault is defined under New York Penal Code Section 120.06 and 120.07 as the following:

  • Gang assault in the second degree is an assault in which physical injury is caused to another person with assistance from two or more people in the commission of the act. This offense is considered a class C felony and punishable up to 15 years in state prison.
  • Gang assault in the first degree is defined as intentionally causing serious physical injury to another person with assistance from two or more people. This is tried as a class B felony with possible punishment of up to 25 years in state prison.

Contrary to what the name may suggest, gang assault does not have to actually involve gang activity. It simply is defined as multiple people acting together to commit an assault against another person. To learn more about gang assault and to find out how you can get the proper defense, contact a criminal defense attorney at our firm today.

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With decades of experience in the area of defense of violent crimes, our firm has seen it all, from assault and battery to murder and manslaughter. We are prepared to put together a competent and effective defense on your behalf after conducting a thorough investigation of your case. At our office, the legal team truly understands that these charges will be extremely difficult to face.

You may feel that you have been framed or you were simply unaware that criminal activity was taking place; talking to an attorney at this time would be in your best interest. Our firm is available to answer your questions today!

Contact a criminal lawyer from our firm for a confidential consultation of your case in which we can explain the charges, your rights and the options you have to face these charges. We strongly urge you to call to obtain our help - facing these charges alone should not be an option for you.

With your entire future on the line, you cannot afford not to hire a criminal attorney with as much experience as our team. In addition to the charges you will be facing, you may find that the prosecution is so aggressively attempting to prosecute your case, they may have illegally obtained evidence against you. Without an attorney, you will be unable to prove this, or even prove that you are innocent.

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