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Could I Be Charged with Tax Fraud Over an Honest Mistake?


The tax auditors with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are specifically trained to detect instances of tax fraud. Claiming dependents you do not have, keeping two different sets of financial records, using a fake or fraudulently obtained Social Security number, submitting false receipts or altering checks to try and increase deductions are all examples of ways people have tried to defraud the IRS. This does not mean they expect every single error they find to lead to an individual who is intent on defrauding the government.

In fact, most auditors anticipate they will find some form of error in the majority of tax returns they see. As tax laws can be quite complicated and difficult to understand, even those with an in-depth understanding of tax laws and those who mean no ill-intent, could still make honest mistakes. If you believe you have made an honest mistake on your tax return and you are worried about being charged with tax fraud, a New York City criminal defense lawyer from our firm may be able to help.

Our firm has been providing quality legal representation to clients throughout each of New York City's boroughs for many decades. Both of our skilled attorneys are former prosecutors, experienced litigators and aggressive advocates for our clients' rights. We do not back down when it comes to defending our clients against the criminal charges they face, and we work hard to see that honest mistakes do not end up leading to criminal prosecution. In most cases, an honest mistake, careless error or simple moment of neglect will not result in charges of tax fraud, but it could result in a penalty of 20% being added to your tax return.

Those individuals who are caught cheating on their taxes will likely find themselves facing a 75% tax penalty, as well as other fines. They could also end of facing serious criminal charges. Reach out to a New York City criminal defense attorney at Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser right away if you suspect you have made an error, or you have been informed that you are being audited by the IRS. Our firm is ready to review your case and begin preparations on a compelling strategy for your defense. Call now or submit a free case evaluation form online.

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