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The 411 on Hochheiser & Hochheiser LLP


Being charged with any type of crime can be terrifying. Whether you are facing a federal felony or a small misdemeanor, being charged with an illegal action can be a scary and discomforting situation. You may have to spend time in jail or pay fines that you can’t afford if you are convicted of the action that has been brought against you. That’s why you need an attorney at Hochheiser & Hochheiser to help. The New York City criminal defense attorneys at this firm want to aid those all throughout Manhattan and the surrounding areas with whatever cases they are facing. Whether you are dealing with a domestic violence charge, a gun crime a theft allegation or a violent crime charge you need to seek representation and work hard to prove your innocence. At Hochheiser & Hochheiser, the lawyers also handle white collar crimes, criminal mischief allegations, conspiracy charges and DWI cases.

Hochheiser & Hochheiser believe that you are entitled to a fair trial. If you are forced to give a false confession then they will argue on your behalf. They can also help you if you left the scene of an accident and were arrested for a hit and run. Also, if you were charged with an internet crime or sex crime the lawyers at this firm can be there to help you. There are more repercussions to a crime than simply jail time and fines. As well, if you are convicted of a crime it can go on your criminal record. These strikes on your record may stand in the way when you try to get a job or apply for certain certifications or other benefits. As well, being convicted of a crime is embarrassing. You may be forced to take a class that applies to your crime, such as DWI school for those offenders. You may be told to complete community service, or may lose friends who are ashamed of your actions.

It is always best to hire a hardworking criminal defense attorney who will do all that he or she can to prove that you are innocent of your crime. In order to get an attorney you can trust, you want to make sure to choose someone with experience. Mr. Hochheiser Senior has been practicing law for 47 years in the state of New York. He has never been cited for unprofessional conduct. He is a past president for the New York Criminal Bar Association and a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is also a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In the past, Attorney Hochheiser has received the Best Lawyers in America award and was granted a Highest Standards award by Frank S. Hogan DA Association. He has also received an award for Excellence and the Highest Professional Standards from the New York Criminal Bar Association. Attorney Lawrence Hochheiser’s excellent reputation has merited him an 8.9 “Excellent” rating on Avvo. This is a particularly high rating on this website and helps to prove that Attorney Hochheiser is successful and hardworking.

He has instilled this same level of dedication and hard work in his son, Attorney Daniel Hochheiser. Attorney Daniel Hochheiser also works at the firm and has an 8.3 “Excellent” rating on his Avvo profile. He has been working as a lawyer in New York for 16 years, and has never been cited for unprofessional conduct with the bar. In the past, he was an Assistant District Attorney at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, but he now works with his father at their criminal defense firm. Daniel Hochheiser is a member of the New York Criminal Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association. He has been endorsed by a variety of lawyers on Avvo and has been praised by clients on his Avvo Client Review page.

New York locals say that this firm gave them a very positive experience. One client says that Attorney Hochheiser went above and beyond to make sure that she was given community service rather than a stricter punishment. This same client says that it was incredible how fast Attorney Hochheiser wrote back whenever the client had a question. The Hochheisers are dedicated to responding to their clients at nights or on weekends when the need arises, and won’t only do business during their formal business hours. Another client says that Attorney Hochheiser is the only attorney in New York that is worth hiring. This client says that Attorney Daniel Hochheiser was an honest, trustworthy, caring and knowledgeable lawyer who helped her through her case.

If you are interested in hiring one of the New York criminal defense lawyers at this firm to handle your case, then you need to contact the firm immediately. You can call them at (800) 813-9069 for more information. Hochheiser & Hochheiser are available to talk all the time, and they keep their phones on at all hours of the night ad over the weekend. This is because they understand that crime doesn’t just happen during business hours. You may need assistance right away when you are arrested in the middle of the night and you can call this firm for help. The Hochheiser & Hochheiser office is located at 14 Maiden Lane Suite 1500 New York, New York 10038. You can also get to know the firm better by checking them out on Facebook or looking them up on Google+. The firm also has listings on Kudzu, Insider Pages, Localeze, Yelp, and Twitter.

By using these various directories and social media accounts, you will be able to get more acquainted with the firm and understand what sets them apart from the rest. You can also check out the firm’s case results page if you want proof that they are effective and dedicated in their work. If you have additional questions about criminal defense, then you can also take a look at the frequently asked questions page. They have been able to acquire dismissals and reduced sentences for drug charges, white collar crimes, weapons charges and more. Get the representation that you deserve from a lawyer that you can trust at Hochheiser & Hochheiser today and see the results that you can experience from an excellent criminal defense attorney!

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