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"Talkin Law" Debuts with Attorney Dan Hochheiser


In October 2014, a new radio program will debut on Blog Talk Radio Network. This radio program features our firm's New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer Dan Hochheiser. You can access the radio program's website here.

"Talkin Law" has three main objectives:

  1. Analyze criminal cases that get media attention
  2. Assess trends within the field of law
  3. Detail current legal events

This "straight talk" show provides individuals with insight into a wide range of topics related to criminal defense law. Every week on "Talkin Law," Dan Hochheiser features different individuals who are involved in the field of criminal law and have insight to provide.

Some of the individuals who will be interviewed include:

  • Newsmakers
  • Attorneys
  • Media personalities
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Businessmen and women

The objective audience of this program is everyone from laymen to experienced attorneys. Stay tuned to Blog Talk Radio Network to hear from Dan Hochheiser on "Talkin Law."

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