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Daniel Hochheiser Authors Chapter in Book on Defense of Gang Crime Cases


Attorney Daniel A. Hochheiser—the managing partner at Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser—is one of the contributors for a new book that focuses on the best strategies for representing defendants who have been accused of gang crimes. The book is titled "Strategies for Defending Gang Crimes: Leading Lawyers on Understanding the Current Gang Crimes Environment and Building a Thorough Defense (Inside the Minds)." Attorney Hochheiser wrote the book's first chapter, which is called "Strategy, Tips and Tactics: Defending Gang Crime Cases." He is one of several leading lawyers who have contributed to the published work.

The book covers many different topics related to criminal defense in the area of gang crimes, as noted in the book's description posted on Thomson Reuters "Legal Solutions" website. For example, it explores the criteria that are used to define what a gang crime is, steps for helping foster a sense of trust between the client and the attorney, tips for pre-trial motion practice, strategies for how to best work with prosecutors and much more. The book even discusses how to best lay down the foundation for reasonable doubt with the use of defense-friendly narrative. Click here to purchase to the book—which is being sold for $85—or to simply learn more about it.

Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a New York City criminal defense lawyer who has a great depth of knowledge about his legal field. His focus areas include criminal trials, appeals and defense for small businesses and individuals who are dealing with regulatory and civil matters. Because the attorney has formerly served as prosecutor (specifically an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County), he has a unique perspective that not all criminal defense lawyers can provide.

The media and the lawyer's professional peers have turned to him for his legal knowledge. Attorney Hochheiser has discussed various high-profile legal issues on a number of different television programs, such as Fox's "The Factor," Court TV, the syndicated "Inside Edition" and CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." He has also published multiple articles and has served as a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) lecturer, where he was able to teach other attorneys about defending criminal cases that involve false confessions.

Hochheiser & Hochheiser invites all interested parties to read "Strategies for Defending Gang Crimes" so they can glean a better understanding about how gang crime-related cases can be more effectively handled. If you are someone who has been accused of a crime in New York City, do not hesitate to contact one of the talented lawyers at Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser. The firm's attorneys have decades of experience that could be used to your benefit. Contact Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser to learn more about how the firm's legal team can assist you!

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