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What If I Was Coerced Into Giving a Confession?


If you were coerced into giving a confession, you are probably wondering how to find a criminal defense attorney in New York City who you can trust to help you avoid the serious penalties of a conviction. Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser is a well-known criminal defense firm based in New York City. We have more than 60 years combined legal experience and are committed to advocating on behalf of those accused of committing a crime.

One of our senior partners has received an AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell® and our lead criminal defense lawyer is a former prosecutor, who has since built up a reputation for being one of the most tenacious litigators in the city. With all you stand to lose, it is important you waste no time in contacting our firm so as to retain legal counsel. Police officers are committed to doing whatever they can to put criminals behind bars.

As such, it is not uncommon to find that controversial tactics are being used to coerce confessions out of suspects. You may have been led to believe you were not under investigation, or that the evidence against you was more than sufficient to warrant your arrest. You may have been so terrified of the situation you found yourself in that you admitted to committing a seemingly minor crime for fear of facing harsher criminal penalties.

No matter the circumstances, it is imperative that you retain legal representation from a NYC criminal lawyer at our firm. Do not accept a plea bargain or agree to any other terms laid out by the police or the prosecution. Contact our firm to schedule a free consultation where we can review your arrest, challenge any questionable investigation methods and come up with a compelling strategy to get your so-called confession tossed out of court.

Keep in mind that if you did not voluntarily provide the police with an admission of guilt, you may have been coerced into incriminating yourself. Act now so we can begin preparing for your defense!

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