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Embezzlement Lawyer in New York City

Defense Against Embezzlement Charges in Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, and Scarsdale

Even the most unimpeachable characters can be charged with embezzlement. With economic instability always a possibility and electronic funds accessible by many individuals in an organization, embezzlement can often be a temptation. If you have been accused of embezzlement by your employer, you need to speak with a New York City criminal defense lawyer at our law firm immediately.

Repercussions for a Conviction

If a high-profile individual is convicted of embezzling money from his or her employer, the reputation of that executive is irreparably damaged. Even after the sentence has been served, the former executive will always carry that criminal charge and it may make it much more difficult to find comparable employment, among other things. A felony charge can restrict your life in so many ways.

Financial institutions, future employers and even educational institutions might refuse to give you service if you have been convicted of felony embezzlement. The NYC white collar criminal lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser have over 60 years combined legal experience. They have the experience and legal know-how that your case needs when you are facing serious felony embezzlement charges.

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The attorneys at our firm understand the embarrassment and worry that comes with facing embezzlement or other white collar criminal charge. If convicted, your future business relationships, reputation, financial security and even family and friends could be at risk. Your way of life and freedom is very important to you – so should it be to your attorney. Your freedom is important and your constitutional rights should always be upheld. You can count on our firm to provide you with the excellent legal defense that you need.

The criminal defense attorneys at our law offices have successfully defended countless executives and other professionals against embezzlement charges in Manhattan and throughout the New York City area. Your attorney should have an intimate familiarity with white collar crimes and their consequences as well as the New York State laws involving embezzlement, fraud and other related charges that you could be facing.

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