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Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney in New York City

Defending Fraud Charges During Bankruptcy

When a person files for bankruptcy, they are essentially taking a proactive stance against their unwanted and surmounting debt by consolidating or liquidating debt in a relatively quick manner. Some forms of bankruptcy force debtors to give up many of their possessions, while others allow debtors to hold on to possessions. Thorough background checks and investigations into the debtor's financial situation will allow the government to understand if the debtor is truly in a financial flurry, or if this is simply an act to alleviate some unwanted debt without having to pay it back.

If hidden funds are found or a debtor is found to have falsified a record during the bankruptcy process, it will not only put a halt on the bankruptcy, but this individual may also be facing criminal charges for bankruptcy fraud.

When mistakes are made on the bankruptcy petition or other documents, the crime of bankruptcy fraud is considered to be perjury and can be punished with criminal and civil penalties. Bankruptcy fraud can also occur in situations where a debtor is sworn under oath and falsely testifies regarding their financial situation.

Work with Our New York City Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with the white collar crime known as bankruptcy fraud, immediately talk to the legal team at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser. Your future is immediately on the line, including your personal freedom and your financial standing.

Being convicted of this offense will mean that your bankruptcy petition will be rejected and your financial situation will continue to diminish, especially if fines are administered as a penalty. Involving a knowledgeable New York City criminal defense attorney at your earliest convenience is suggested.

Charges Can Extend to Third Parties

Bankruptcy fraud charges may not end at the debtor - these charges may be given to a third party, such as an employee, agency, corporate shareholder or fiduciaries. These types of charges are very serious, and should be handled immediately and with the utmost discretion. Because bankruptcy is outlined in a federal code, it may hold state and federal charges, with enhanced penalties.

After being notified of suspicious activity regarding your bankruptcy filing, talk to a New York City white collar criminal lawyer at our firm. We realize that you may have been unaware of hidden funds in your name, possibly passed down from a relative or put aside without your knowledge. We know that having to file for bankruptcy will be a difficult decision for you and your family to come by, and to have a government agency find disbelief in your situation only makes it worse.

Our firm is ready to defend your fraud or forgery charges, whether you were arrested in Scarsdale, Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, or a nearby community. Call today to get started!

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