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Over 100 Charged in NYC Identity Theft Ring


In an ongoing investigation, a total of 111 individuals were charged criminally due to suspected involvement in an identity theft ring that has said to have been spread across many different industries in New York City area.

Of the 111 charged, 86 have allegedly been taken into custody, while authorities are still looking for the remaining 25 suspects.

Charges range from enterprise corruption, grand larceny and theft.

According to reports, the identity theft ring has said to have been operational since 2010 and includes restaurant workers, bank tellers and other types of service employees.

The Queens District Attorney was quoted as saying that this is the largest and most sophisticated fraud case that he had ever seen.

According to sources, the scheme involved several layers of activity in which the alleged suspects would steal credit card numbers and information from skimming, online, and by other means.

Once the credit card numbers were collected, according to reports, they were sold to teams of illegal credit card manufacturers who would then forge cards of major credit card brands. Next, the team allegedly used "shoppers" who would purchase high end goods and would resell these items overseas for a profit.

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