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Investigation into an Upscale Manhattan Brothel Leads to Multiple Arrests


An investigation has been launched into what is believed to be an upscale brothel that is located in the heart of Manhattan. In what has been termed a "madam case," at least five individuals have been charged for various crimes in relation to the brothel that was discovered not too long ago. Along with a local suburban mother and a matchmaking recruiter affiliated with the site, an alleged money launderer and two more prostitutes have been charged as well.

First reported in the New York Post last Friday, March 9, 2012, it comes as a surprise to some to just now be learning of the arrests that were made weeks ago; in some cases, well over a year ago. The two women accused of prostitution have already had the opportunity to plead not guilty to the charges that were made in their names. Furthermore, the man accused of money laundering and promotion of prostitution (who remains unidentified) has also pled not guilty to the charges set against him. The court case continues, and not much is being released in the way of attorney comments, personal statements, or proceeding happenings. Therefore, it may be a bit of a waiting game until the public is given a better idea as to how the case is playing out.

While little remains known about the case other than small details, it can be assumed that the case is one of high importance, especially considering the allegations and charges that have been made. Sex crimes of any nature are always taken very seriously under United States law, and this case will be no different. For one, additional charges of money laundering will likely make the situation that much graver should a conviction be made. Not only is the defendant facing the possible consequences of a sex crime conviction, including registration as a national sex offender, he is also facing the harsh penalties incurred by white collar crime offenders for his alleged involvement in a money laundering scam. Sex crime offenses and white collar crimes are two of the most harshly punished criminal behaviors in the entire state, and these are both on trial in the case of the Manhattan brothel that has been brought to the attention of law makers and enforcers in the state of New York.

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