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What Should I Do if Someone Accuses Me of Rape?


If you have been accused of rape, it is essential that you get immediate legal representation from a New York City criminal defense attorney. Rape is an extremely serious charge and is a felony offense in the state of New York. A criminal conviction for rape could lead to between 18 months to 25 years in prison in a conviction, based upon the facts in the case. A conviction often requires mandatory registration as a sex offender (as per New York's Sex Offender Registration Act), heavy fines and prison time, as well as mandated treatment. The accusation of rape, much less a criminal conviction, could permanently damage your personal and professional reputation and must be managed with the highest level of skill, commitment and discretion.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser have more than 80 years combined experience protecting the rights of individual's facing sex crime accusations in the New York City area. When you contact the firm, a review of the circumstances and all of the evidence is the first order of business. After discussing your case with you, and listening to your side of the story, the firm can take immediate action to gather additional evidence that could support your defense. The attorney will work tirelessly to craft a solid defense strategy for your case.

The firm's legal team has an uncommon level of experience and legal knowledge, with years of hands-on litigation experience, and is recognized as a quality defense law firm in criminal court. In charges of rape, you will truly need an aggressive advocate fighting for you – even if you are completely innocent. If you have been accused of rape, statutory rape, or sexual assault, you are in serious legal trouble. Never answer questions from law enforcement without our attorney protecting your rights. Long interrogations have led to a person making statements that have damaged a defense case, merely through fatigue, confusion or fear. Contact the firm immediately if you have been charged with rape or are under investigation in a rape or sexual assault case.

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