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Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana Cultivation in New York City

What do these charges entail?


The growth or care for certain plants used to produce illegal controlled substances can result in an investigation or arrest for drug cultivation on your part. Penalties following a drug cultivation conviction vary according to the amount of the controlled substance in your possession. During the investigation, the police or other law enforcement will determine whether the controlled substance in your possession was for personal use or distribution purposes. From that determination, a sentence will be drawn.

If you are under investigation or have recently been arrested for alleged drug cultivation, do not wait another minute longer to enlist the best possible defense. At the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser, our team of drug defense lawyers is prepared to build a compelling case. Dealing with defendants who are charged with drug crimes on a daily basis, they have proven that their aggressive tactics are successful when protecting clients.

Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation in NY

In the state of New York, marijuana has been decriminalized to the point that a simple possession offense may only result in a civil citation—as long as the amount recovered was 25 grams or less. It is still illegal to cultivate cannabis, however, whether for personal use or for distribution. If you have been accused of possessing large amounts of marijuana, you could face the following legal penalties:

  • 2 oz. or less (class B misdemeanor) – 3 months in jail & $500 in fines
  • 25 grams to 4 oz. (class E felony) – 1 to 4 years in jail & $5,000 in fines
  • 4 to 16 oz. (class D felony) – 1 to 7 years in jail & $5,000 in fines
  • 16 oz. to 10 lbs. (class C felony) – 4 to 7 years in jail & $5,000 in fines
  • 10 lbs. or more (class C felony) – 1 to 15 years in jail

New York City Criminal Lawyer Accepting Cases in Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, and Scarsdale

Serving the surrounding New York City communities of Scarsdale, Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, a criminal defense attorney from our firm will take on your drug cultivation charge with the utmost care and responsibility. Ensuring that your case remains completely confidential, a drug crime lawyer at the Law Offices of Daniel A. Hochheiser will stop at nothing to protect your rights. That being said, you should not hesitate to call our office today.

You can rest assured that your attorney will provide you with adequate advice and answers necessary to make informed decisions on your drug cultivation case. When working with a NYC criminal lawyer, you will meet your attorney face to face to prepare your defense, unlike at a larger firm. When dealing with a criminal accusation as serious as drug cultivation, you must guarantee yourself the best legal guidance for an optimum outcome in your case.

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